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Join TechHire's 100k by 2020 Movement

TechHire is recoding the American economy by helping employers find outstanding tech talent, and overlooked job seekers get the training and connections they need to start successful technical careers.

Get the skills, get the job, get the career

TechHire helps diverse job seekers learn in-demand tech skills and start great careers.

More open jobs than any other sector of the job market.

IT Openings
US Median wage
Avg Tech Salary

Tech jobs pay over 180% above the median wage.
EMSI and Current Population Survey (CPS)

I used to earn $10 an hour as a truck driver. After taking a free 22-week intensive training course, I now work full-time at Foursquare, earning four times that.

I couldn't break out of low-paying customer service roles. So I took a year-long, tuition-free training program for women and now work as a web developer earning double my previous salary.

After losing my job, and my home, a TechHire training program helped me retrain so I could transition into the tech industry. Now I have a successful IT career at the University of Kansas Hospital earning $36.50 per hour.

Solve the tech talent crunch

TechHire helps employers find and keep outstanding, but often overlooked, technology talent.

63 Days

Average time to fill a STEM role in 2015.


Average daily amount an organization loses for each job vacancy.


Average annual IT staff turnover rate.

45% Turnover Reduction

What Fortune 500 companies saw by hiring from nontraditional talent pools.

The partnership with TechHire Rhode Island helped us reach candidates that we had not found through our traditional recruiting methods.

We hired based on this training, and not on a requisite college degree. We would recommend TechHire candidates to companies searching for top-tier talent!

Create the jobs that make communities thrive

TechHire helps places big and small create more jobs and stronger economies by training the next generation of technology workers.

Because of TechHireRI and other initiatives that develop the skills people need to compete, businesses like GE Digital are taking a fresh look at our state.

By preparing our students and retraining our labor force for lucrative high-tech jobs, we can create a more diverse new generation of innovators and entrepreneurs and build a sustainable and prosperous future for our state.

Help recode the American economy

TechHire, an initiative powered by [email protected] in partnership with the U.S. Department of Education, is a nationwide, community-based movement that helps underrepresented and overlooked job seekers start technology careers. TechHire works with community partners and education providers that teach in-demand skills to people who want to take part in the modern economy—from overlooked youth, to veterans, to the long-term unemployed. Then, TechHire helps them find jobs by connecting them to a network of employers looking for tech talent.

TechHire was launched out of the White House in 2015 in 21 pilot communities. Since then, TechHire grew to a network of 237 training partners and 1300 employers, in 72 communities across the country, to help 4000+ people find jobs.

And we're just getting started. 20 new communities — big cities and small towns — have joined the initiative, bringing the total to 70+ across the US, with even more on the way. Together we can connect 100,000 people to tech jobs by 2020.

Whether you're a job seeker, an employer, or a community member, you can help us recode the American economy. Together we can fill 100,000 tech jobs by 2020.

Join TechHire's 100k by 2020 Movement

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