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In partnership with the City of Detroit, Grand Circus Detroit will continue in its mission in 2016 by training more than 300 students for high demand careers in IT, including a primary emphasis on accelerated training in IT. Grand Circus anticipates that the accelerated training programs will focus on skills like Java and JavaScript software development, as well as .NET and iOS. However, our primary goal is to service the needs of local employers looking for entry level IT talent, and their training topics will reflect those needs.

The partnership in support of TechHire will involve employers representing the largest of the 30+ local employers including GM (Onstar) Quicken Loans, and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan who they are engaging with to interview and hire Grand Circus graduates. In total, partner employers represent roughly 80 percent of IT positions open in the City of Detroit.

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For more information about TechHire Detroit, contact Damien Rocchi.

IT Labor Market Landscape

Below is a snapshot of the Detroit labor market demand for IT talent. These are the most demanded skills and occupations from 12/6/15 to 2/3/16.
Sources: Burning Glass Technologies and Emsi (projection data)

Open IT Occupations


Concentrated Demand for IT

  • 100% Detroit
  • 66.6666666667% Nationwide

Top Skills

Baseline Skills

  1. Communication Skills
  2. Writing
  3. Organizational Skills
  4. Problem Solving
  5. Troubleshooting

Software and Programming Skills

  1. SQL
  2. Microsoft Excel
  3. JAVA
  4. Oracle
  5. Microsoft Office

Top Occupations

Top 5 Occupations

  1. Software Developer / Engineer
  2. Systems Analyst
  3. Computer Systems Engineer / Architect
  4. Network Engineer / Architect
  5. Network / Systems Administrator

Fastest Growing Occupations (2015-2020)

  1. Multimedia Artists and Animators
  2. Information Security Analysts
  3. Computer and Information Research Scientists
  4. Web Developers
  5. Software Developers, Applications

Community Partners

The following organizations are engaged and committing to making the Detroit TechHire effort a success:

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