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In 2015, San Francisco’s TechSF initiative placed 50 participants in tech-related internships, and placed 200 underemployed or unemployed participants into full employment. The TechSF initiative is on track to place this many participants again in 2016. In order to integrate training opportunities that bridge institutions and innovative, accelerated learning and training approaches, San Francisco is building out a broader spectrum of training opportunities for diverse job-seekers, including opportunities from community college to accelerated training and placement. San Francisco recently launched a pilot, entry-level bootcamp training with private sector partner, Zendesk, and 30 participants, teaching broadly used desktop support software as well as an all-women web development bootcamp. The City also launched an online training program in partnership with Treehouse, a private sector online learning company, with a target of serving 250 participants in 2016, having completed a pilot that served 50 low-income, underrepresented minority residents from the City’s Bayview neighborhood in 2015.  Other priorities for 2016 include:  1) building a tech-focused apprenticeship program with local employers; 2) developing the pipeline of tech trainees through work-based learning, including internships, for San Francisco high school and community college students; and 3) expanding employer partnerships in curriculum development, training, and hiring ICT students.

Visit San Francisco’s OEWD site for more information on the City’s workforce development programs.

To learn more about the TechSF Initiative, available training and how to apply, please visit our TechSF program page.

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For more information about TechHire San Francisco, contact Patrick Mitchell.

Ceddrick Jonae

Ceddrick Jonae from San Francisco suffered a work-related injury while on location for a digital media project over eight years ago. After being jobless for close to seven years, Ceddrick found out about TechSF. With the A+ Certification that he earned, he immediately found work.

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Jethro Patalinghug

Jethro immigrated to the US from the Philippines, when he was 34 years old, leaving a career as a T.V. producer behind. Jethro enrolled in TechSF’s Motion Graphics Certificate where he immersed himself in learning new skills and creating a community of support and connection.

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Kayla LaCour

The BAYCAT team is always proud of our participants, but we are especially proud of TechSF – BAYCAT Internship graduate, and past Workshop participant, Kayla LaCour. Kayla studies journalism, but it was at BAYCAT that she found a true passion for cinematography and visual art.

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LinkedIn Economic Graph

In the Summer of 2015, BAVC teamed up with members of LinkedIn’s Economic Graph initiative to study job placement and industry trends of TechSF clients with the intention of sharing a rubric to other TechHire cities. The project is still in full swing, but one initial takeaway from the study of TechSF’s  four years of the program has to do with the wide array of companies at which our job seekers find employment.

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Olga Aznabakiyeva

A recent emigre from Kazakhstan and single mother of two young kids, Olga became a regular at Twitter’s NeighborNest, a tech lab with a mission to give access to technology to a local, underserved population in the Tenderloin. The Nest lab attendants wondered what brought Olga there day after day, as her kids played at the onsite daycare. It turns out she was teaching herself HTML and would build up a portfolio strong enough to earn her acceptance into TechSF.

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Valerie Mettler

Former teacher and ESL instructor, Valerie Mettler taught herself how to code but had no idea how to make the switch and break into the competitive Bay Area job market. She enrolled in TechSF to build a job strategy as a software engineer, attended countless tech meet-ups and hackathons to start building up her GitHub site and took on pro-bono website development projects to build her portfolio and network.

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TechSF partnered with Zendesk to deliver customized training of their proprietary desk support system in order to build a local and diverse workforce. With a client base of 40,000+, they made it possible for the grads to get hired at a multitude of companies utilizing the Zendesk platform.

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IT Labor Market Landscape

Below is a snapshot of the San Francisco labor market demand for IT talent. These are the most demanded skills and occupations from 12/6/15 to 2/3/16.
Sources: Burning Glass Technologies and Emsi (projection data)

Open IT Occupations


Concentrated Demand for IT

  • 100% San Francisco
  • 28.5714285714% Nationwide

Top Skills

Baseline Skills

  1. Communication Skills
  2. Writing
  3. Problem Solving
  4. Organizational Skills
  5. Troubleshooting

Software and Programming Skills

  1. JAVA
  2. JavaScript
  3. SQL
  4. Python
  5. LINUX

Top Occupations

Top 5 Occupations

  1. Software Developer / Engineer
  2. Mobile Applications Developer
  3. Software QA Engineer / Tester
  4. Business Intelligence Analyst
  5. Database Administrator

Fastest Growing Occupations (2015-2020)

  1. Information Security Analysts
  2. Computer User Support Specialists
  3. Software Developers, Applications
  4. Computer Network Architects
  5. Software Developers, Systems Software

Community Partners

The following organizations are engaged and committing to making the San Francisco TechHire effort a success:

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Bonfire Labs
Carol H Williams Agency
CBS Interactive
City & County of San Francisco Human Resources
Eleven Advertising
One World Communications
San Francisco Public Utilities Commission
University of California San Francisco
Webb Design
General Assembly
Year Up Bay Area
San Francisco State University
San Francisco Unified School District
San Francisco Public Library