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As the lead agency for DC’s TechHire effort, the Department of Employment Services (DOES) plans to expand the agency’s transitional employment program, Project Empowerment, to include a TechHire track that will exclusively serve returning citizens who wish to pursue IT training. This effort will be made possible through an extensive network of training providers, supportive service providers, and employer partners who will act as a cohesive ecosystem with the common goal of providing an accelerated path to the middle class through middle- and high-skilled, high growth IT careers.

DOES will utilize labor market data to determine the top H-1B IT occupations in the region and seek out returning citizens to fill those voids upon completion of training and obtainment of requisite certifications.

TechHire DC’s focus on returning citizens will provide access and opportunity to this vulnerable population that has historically been excluded from the tech sector. In a 2014 report, the Mayor’s Office for Returning Citizens Affairs reported that “100 fewer recidivist would result in more than $2 million in annual cost savings to criminal justice agencies; including police, courts, corrections, and probation and parole.” TechHire DC will address the needs of the DC business community through the expansion of the District’s hiring pool,  and serve as vehicle to reduce recidivism rates among District residents. TechHire DC aims to serve 300 returning citizens over a 4 year period.

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For more information about TechHire DC, contact Setareh Jahanbaksh-Yelle.

IT Labor Market Landscape

Below is a snapshot of the Washington labor market demand for IT talent. These are the most demanded skills and occupations from 12/6/15 to 2/3/16.
Sources: Burning Glass Technologies and Emsi (projection data)

Open IT Occupations


Concentrated Demand for IT

  • 100% Washington, DC
  • 32.2580645161% Nationwide

Top Skills

Baseline Skills

  1. Communication Skills
  2. Writing
  3. Troubleshooting
  4. Organizational Skills
  5. Planning

Software and Programming Skills

  1. JAVA
  2. SQL
  3. LINUX
  4. Microsoft Windows
  5. Oracle

Top Occupations

Top 5 Occupations

  1. Software Developer / Engineer
  2. Cyber / Information Security Engineer / Analyst
  3. Network / Systems Administrator
  4. Computer Systems Engineer / Architect
  5. Systems Analyst

Fastest Growing Occupations (2015-2020)

  1. Information Security Analysts
  2. Software Developers, Applications
  3. Computer User Support Specialists
  4. Computer Systems Analysts
  5. Web Developers

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